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The Office Christmas Party

Verse 1

We’re on our best behaviour, mind your Ps and Qs.
Worried about the aftermath of drinking too much booze.
The CEO, the sandwich girl, the cleaner and the reps.
Suddenly we’re all the same when everyone is wrecked.

The girls in accounts have drunk too many glasses,
they’ve been caught photocopying their ‘chassis’.
Tomorrow morning an internet sensation,
the girls’ pride and join displayed to all the nation……


We’re off to the office Christmas party.
Drink, food, fun!
We’re off to the office Christmas party.
The office Christmas party’s just begun.

Verse 2

Watching the boss throwing shapes, dad dancing,
with the red-head from the cafe, who thinks that he’s romancing.
His wife with a slimline tonic’s not amused,
I have a dreadful feeling, he’ll be the one accused.

The D.J. plays the Gap Band, we’re sitting on the floor
and when the song is over, we all shout out for more.
The mistletoe is held aloft and all the kisses start.
Let’s hope tomorrow doesn’t bring a bunch of broken hearts.


Verse 3

The beer is flowing freely and we’re letting down our hair.
There’ll be consequences but we’re really unaware,
of what might be tomorrow in the cold light of day.
it will be on social media and we’ll be made to pay

Chorus x 3

Some really bad cracker jokes!

Written by K.Lintern, J.Flinter, MJ Bull

© copyright 2017. 13 records UK.
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